vs vs vs has taken mobile by absolute storm the past few weeks and shot to the top of every chart imagineable. Its success was so great, in fact, that a bunch of developers leaped onto the bandwagon, and the App Store is now completely chock full of clones.

Now, we’d usually frown on such a thing. But, one of these clones ended up being pretty darn good – the

The problem is, it’s not exactly clear which is the better game on first play. We atPocket Gamer want to save you from wasting your time though, and have done the hard work for you.

Read on to discover which is the better game.


This may come down to personal preference but is the most impressive visually, with its glowing orbs, 3D snake models, and those flashy visuals when you go superfast. is more appealing to those who prefer a minimalist style. It’s also closer to (the game that started it all) with its white-honeycomb background and coloured dots. The snake itself is even made up of a collection of circles, like loads of protagonists(?) of

Thanks to its deviation from the trends and relatively flashier visuals, I’d argue that clinches it in the aesthetics department. Though there’s still something to be said for‘s minimalism.



Neither game contains any sound whatsoever.

Winner: Neither of them


The snake in follows your finger or thumb when you hold it down, and you can double-tap to speed up. That comes in handy when you want to ensnare or murder an opposing snake. allows you to perform the same actions, but with virtual controls instead. Now, usually we’d say that virtual controls are nasty and should be condemned to mobile hell never to be seen again. But. The controls in allow for far greater precision of movement.

You can perform loops with the grace of a real snake, and you feel much more in control when you speed in front of an enemy snake to murderise it.


Game feel

This is the clincher – the decider. We can sit here and talk all day about visuals, sound, and controls but, at the end of the day, you’re going to stick with the game that feels the best. is the more sedate experience the two. You move slower, have the turning circle of a tank, and have to use your wits more than anything else to gain the upper hand over your opponents. is, in comparison, a much faster experience. You can nip around the arena with the speed and grace of an actual snake but this comes at the expense of being killed (and killing) much faster.

There’s a greater focus on reactions than wits (though they do come into it) and that’s a good thing, as your movements feel a lot more precise, unlike the sluggish and tank-like feel of

You also absorb the orbs as you get close to them in, and the scoring system makes a lot more sense.

You may prefer the slower pace of, but the precise, snappy, and faster feel of results in it absolutely dominating in the game feel department.


So, who wins? is more pleasing to look at, but feels and handles a lot nice than As these are the only criteria that matters here (the feature set and longevity are exactly the same) absolutely walks away with the competition.

There’s more instant satisfaction to be gained, as you can get to the top of the leaderboard in your first couple of games thanks to the nippier gameplay. And, the best part is, it contains the same amount of depth.




  1. I’m pretty sure snake io isn’t even online. Me and my brother were playing it at the same time and I noticed both games have the exact same names. Plus it worked on an I touch without data

  2. They are both only computers player exept you. Either shilterio than snake. Sure 100%. Shilterio is more obvius just a sandbox. But also anake is full of behavior bugs! Eg Shaking close to the wall if you cut the path. They never turn back just crash passively against the wall!

  3. So I’m in a HTC Android. I played Snake for a little and then played Slither for two weeks. I liked Slither better but then I realized that the actual gameplay is all computer players except you. It’s not fact of course but everyone that I’d played on Slither has the same strategy.
    I cut people off quickly and get them when I’m little then when I’m bigger encircle and trap them. It’s simple and works great.
    I have never been entrapped or cut off by someone using the speed button. I have ran into people though by my fault. I only see other people use speed to go after big circles when someone dies and they don’t use speed for anything else. Not even to get out of an enclosing trap. My friends say the same.
    I know our scores go online and names go online. I also think the other in game computer players names come from online.
    Who knows I may be crazy and just confounded at my own greatness at this game but on a side note it would save a lot of money not to worry about a bunch of severs to service and maintain.

  4. I say that is way better !!! I tried and it’s way harder to control and I tried it and my friend was like no you tap that place you want it to go and I was like ohhh and its really stupid it should have controls and if it did it would be better and I like the look of it but right now is way better ?✌?️

    • Anonymous


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