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I’m aware that the developers aren’t usually here, but they obviously do visit from time to time. Either way, I’d like some input on these overall suggestions to the game from the subreddit users!

  1. Speed up the “play again” screen. It’s pretty annoying to click the “play again” button helplessly as the screen slowly fades into 100% opacity. Either get rid of the entire animation and immediately show the screen, or let us click the button before the screen is fully visible.
  2. When boosting, “slithering”, or sliding to the left and right, should make the boost go even faster. To add some more strategy for smaller snakes (especially with getting out of boas) and to overall add a fun feature to the game.
  3. The background of the map should change in hue slightly as you enter each corner of the map. The middle should stay grey, but each corner should have a faint colour. This should help people subconsciously remember where they are without having to constantly peek at the tiny minimap.
  4. Fix the lag somehow. Will adding quality options help players who constantly reach the top of the leaderboard? When a large snake dies, the particles on screen MUST load faster if they aren’t so detailed and glowing, surely? I don’t know. This is obviously a huge problem for pretty much all players.
  5. Add sound. An option for sound effects could be great. If a really satisfying SFX is added to collecting pellets, then this game could be even more addictive. A smooth, sliding sound effect could work for snakes. The higher pitch it is, the smaller the snake. Left/right binaural sound could increase the gameplay experience too.
  6. Competitions or polls for new colours/designs in skins. Adding a new skin each week based on a community-based decision would be super cool and get the players more involved. Each week, the previous design should probably be removed for the sake of memory or something.
  7. A team gamemode.’s team gamemode is pretty well programmed and designed. Something similar could work for, with a pie chart and whatnot.
  8. Purchasable COSMETICS. Emphasis on the COSMETIC part. I’m sure people would be willing to purchase skins, special boost effects, eye colours, hats, poop colours, etc. Just never, NEVER add anything that would give a gameplay advantage through money. Of course, this would require people to sign-up and stuff, which I think would be totally fine.
  9. Emotes would be pretty funny. A “thanks”, “help me”, “don’t be so greedy”, “sorry” kind of thing. They should be translucent, and togglable.
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  1. Hugely important and probably easy to implement: when you are on the leaderboard and die your name should linger there long enough to read it before it fades!!!!!!!

  2. you guys should add new youtuber skins for, DanTDM, PopularMMOs, and GamingWithJen

  3. make the game load faster its 6 minutes and im still loading

  4. I think that when you kill a snake, you should be able to get all their little bubble things. Because I often have a lot of times when I kill a snake, and I only get a few of their bubbles. I hope this happens, because I’m slowing starting to hate because of this problem. Thank you, Monique.

  5. So annoying how my thumb and hand blocks half of my iPhone screen when I’m moving my snake so I can’t see anything in front of my snake, would be useful to have a joystick in the bottom corner

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