The Sticky Strategy Guide

The Sticky Strategy Guide


I haven’t seen very many strategy guides out there for I think this is a HUGE problem.

Will you join me in making a strategy thread on Reddit?

I know this game is pretty basic, but I believe this game has underlying principles that allows people to either die consistently (and very quickly) or to live for a very long time.

In order to take everybody seriously on this thread, I ask that you just post your highest score in the text: followed by your top 5 tips for this game.


Score: 147, 814

1) When there’s a blood-bath in the midst of food, it’s almost always best to split the food in half with your worm.

2) You can’t eat all the food- especially when you are above 15k.

3) If you see someone following you for at least three seconds, BE CAREFUL!

4) When you and a worm are chasing side-by-side, you can sometimes kill the enemy worm if you run on and off; this will cause the enemy worm to begin to swarm you. Before they get to your left or right side, immediately dash and turn over onto their side. (Doesn’t work if the enemy worm knows what their doing or doesn’t work because of lag.)

5) The worm’s head says it all! If the worm’s head doesn’t point your direction- surround him or take advantage of the position!

Keep this thread alive! Help the community and save!


by: zapster24


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