Did You Try the New Game Zlap.io?

The zlap.io game is the new trend on the internet which is developed by the same developers but with a totally different concept. Since it is a new game there are no any zlap.io hacks available on the internet too and you may want to give a try to this new game. You will grow in size again in the zlap.io game however this time your small ball will keep its sizes while your mace that you swing will be growing as you will eliminate other players. It is quite fun and the zlap.io controls are quite easy to get after few practices.


You will be moving your small ball with the help of your arrow keys while you will swing your mace in zlap.io game with the help of your mouse. In case you are looking for the zlap.io private servers you can follow the zlap.io news from the zlap.io website where you can reach there by clicking on the bold words. The zlap.io mods will be launched soon and you will be able to download them from this website that we have shared with you.

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