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Solution for Lags in Slither.Io

Lag Problems in Slither.Io: It is a fact that is one of the games which have been massively played by many people from all around the world and increasing its popularity day by day without stopping. Simply the game can be described as the combination of snake game that we used to play in our Nokia phones and Today, this game is the favorite game of many people however the “LAG” issue can freak people out. Who would feel please for a lag, right? Indeed, nobody will be willing to play a game which has lags and is slow. Since the game requires full reflexes and concentration lagging could not be tolerated in anyway. Lags makes the game hard to play when you are competing with other real players who do not experience lag.

In the first times, I believed that I am the only person who experience lag however I have realized and learned soon that most of my buddies were experiencing lag in just like me. I have tried to fix the lag problem with numerous methods. Here, you can find the solution for lags in for devices that are using Android, Windows and iOS operating systems.

Solution for Lags in in Android Devices

Since it is easy to play from smartphones, I have been playing the game from my Android device however I had to lose my high rank in the leaderboard due to lagging problems. So here are some of the solutions for lags in that you can apply in your Android devices. Lag fix


Delete the Application Data

Other data and caches often cause the lagging problems. That is why, deleting the application data may work. You need to follow the following instructions to delete it;

  • Open “Settings” and select “Apps” menu
  • Then select the “All” tab
  • Find
  • Select it by tapping on it
  • Find the “Clear Data” option and tap on it
  • It is done! You did it!

Solution for Lags in in Windows Devices

When I really want to rank on the leaderboard, I usually prefer to play the on my computer. However since the game requires the players to play smoothly and focused, the lagging issues let me fail in each time. You can find the solution for lags in in windows devices in the folllowing.

Clear Cache

Caches are usually the main reason of the lags. This is why it will be in your favor to clear the cookies and cache every time. CCleaner is a great software to clear them however you can still do it manually through your browser by following the following instructions;

Google Chrome Browser

  • Click on the three lines lined under each other which are at the right top of your browser.
  • Click on “Settings”
  • Then select the “History”
  • Select the option of “the beginning of time”
  • Then select the “Clear Browsing Data”
  • It is done!

FireFox Browser

  • Select the “Menu”
  • Select the “History”
  • Select the “Clear Recent History”
  • It is done!

Prefer Incognito Mode

Incognito Mode is a game mode which is also called as Private Browsing. In this mode the game launches smoothly without loading any plugins, themes, add-ons, extensions. All browsers that you can use have this option within themselves. To activate this mode you can press CTRL + SHIFT + N in Google Chrome. You can select the “Preferences” in FireFox in order to activate it. In case you are using any other browsers, you can search the settings option to look for the Private Browsing option, so that you will be able to launch the Incognito Mode.

Prefer Low-Quality Mode Lag fix

The low-quality mode can be found on the top right of your homepage so that you can adjust your graphic options to low. Those who experience lagging issue may prefer this mode in order to find a solution to their problems.

Prefer Other Browsers

Some browsers may issues in loading some FPS games from time to time. This is why, you may prefer other browsers. During the times I played the, I realized that I did not experience any lagging issues (experienced only few) in Google Chrome. You can prefer the Google Chrome in the event that you are already using Microsoft Edge, Safari, FireFox or some other browsers.

Prefer High Priority

There are some things that you can do to allow your browser to load some content. In order to do it, you have to prefer the maximum priority in your browser. You can follow the following instructions to do it; Lag fix

  • Launch the “Task Manager”
  • Select the “Details” tab in the Task Manager
  • In here, you will be allowed to see running browser processes.
  • Right click on the browser you are playing and prefer the “High” option under the “Set Priority” option
  • It is done!

In the event that you still experience lag besides all these steps then you may having issue with your internet connection. You can upgrade your connection to a speed which will be enough to run the servers well.

We have already tested out these suggestions and all of them eliminated lag or at least reduced it quite a lot. In the event that you tried all of these but still having problems than you have to wait a little bit more since will add new servers to their infrastructure to meet the high traffic for their game soon. According to a post that published on Pocketgamer company which is the creator of, the development team is working hard on some improvements and upgrading the servers for a better service in their to do list. That is why you do not have to feel worried since your problem will be solved in the near future.


Make sure you disable any other extension and scripts first!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I can no longer play this game due to horrible lag. I will have to discredit this game on my blogs and public forums until this is fixed. Unfortunately I will need To Label This Game “garbage” Until This Issue is Addressed Please Fix Your Game your Game So I Can Improve Your Rating

  2. Anonymous says:

    I don’t like the lag I cant even play cause of it please fix
    lag problem

  3. hullo says:

    wth I rlly don’t get it lol

  4. Anonymous says:

    how kan fix your lagg?

  5. Anonymous says:

    dat doesnt work fix lag in windows 7 and 8 WTF thiis is unsupportable lag bro

  6. abdulla says:

    fix lag

  7. abdulla says:

    fix lag

  8. abdulla says:

    help me lag fix lag

  9. Anonymous says:

    ninguno me funciona

  10. dave caelen says:

    please how to fix lag everyone to the slither please
    please i’m so sad 🙁

  11. Pablin says:

    Spanish Please

  12. puppy says:

    ya kitty! it doesn’t

  13. kitty says:

    it doesn’t seem to work

  14. justin bieber says:


  15. Anonymous says:

    The lag is slither makes it unplayable.

  16. Locky says:

    I have a MAC!!!

  17. Cloud the angel says:

    Would it change if I change the Intel core of my computer to i7 or would it change if I changed my computer to a Dext top computer instead of all in one please help because whenever I move it just stops then moves. ?

  18. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for all the help

    Sincerely, A fellow hater of lag

  19. tiger worm says:

    it so lag pls fix the glitching lag!

  20. Anonymous says:

    let me play

  21. noah says:

    plz fix lag on computer for and fix the teleporting glitch and make it so i dont lag on high quality my computer is not a old computer

  22. Amy Delirious says:

    How do I get rid of the lag

  23. Anonymous says:

    fix the lagg in android, now I can´t play

    • Anonymous says:

      Can’t play anymore either. Since the upgrades, lag has been intolerable, looks like all the snakes are having seizures. Can’t play at all now.

  24. preston says:

    ho do you link

  25. Anonymous says:

    where is the link

  26. Anonymous says:

    Fix lag on IOS devices!

  27. Danilo says:

    no puedo descargarlo

  28. Anonymous says:

    that helps mate :] saif

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