A Short Slither.io Review

The Review of Slither.io

Greetings dear visitors. In this article we will provide a brief slither.io review to you which is one of the most popular games of the recent times. You will find a deep look to what is slither.io and other related issues.

Slither.io launched by Thorntree Studios on March 25, 2016 and became the most downloaded game in a week in all around the world. Although the slither.io looks like the old snake game that we used to play in our old Nokia 3310 mobile phones, it is still easy to play. You will start playing slither.io by creating a nickname. The goal in slither.io is to make you snake bigger by collecting the glowing orbs on the map and rank in the top 10 list of the slither.io which is located at the right top of the screen.

We play slither.io with the help of our mouse just like in agar.io. In the event that you will play slither.io through your laptop we highly recommend you to play it with your mouse. The direction of your mouse also allows your snake to turn. In the event that you will hold down on your left button of your mouse then you snake will start to go faster. Meanwhile you will be eliminated when you hit to any other snake with your head regardless of their sizes. However  in the event that you will draw a circle around your opponent and cage him with your body he will have a low chance to survive from this circle and you will easily collect his remainings in order to grow faster.

The Review of Slither.io

In order to have a better slither.io gameplay there are some additions that you can download and install to your browser that provides additional features such as free skins or zoom in and zoom out options. These are called slither.io mods and almost all of the players take the advantage of slither.io mods. You can download slither.io mods through our website and start playing slither.io with ease.

You will have to type a nickname each time you login to slither.io however slither.io mods allow you to save your nickname and you do not have to type it everytime you will start playing slither.io. You can find the slither.io mods in our website.

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