Brand New Phenomeon

The New Game

A new game had been developed by the developers of which managed to be popular and became most downloaded games in all around the world. Most of us saw many people playing on on the bus, in cafe and even at courses. Now will be replaced with which offers more fun gameplay.

Although looks like to in terms of the game mechanics there are some major changes in the game. For instance you were able to swallow any object you touch in the event that they were smaller than you and in addition to these you will be eliminated when you hit to something that is bigger than you. It seems like made a huge change in these mechanics and there is no difference between being a small snake or a big snake anymore. No matter what your sizes will be you can cut the way of the other snakes and let them hit you with their head in order to eliminate them. On this way you will grow faster by collecting the remaining balls of that snake which have equal points to the eliminated snake. Just as in you goal in is to grow as much as you can can rank in top 10 list of the game.

The New Game

Of course it will be a mistake if we would say that inspired from only the It is very similar to the legendary game of Nokia 3310. It is a fact that the importance of the old snake game is equal to the in the development stage of

You can play through our website and in the event that you want you can download to your android and iOS devices through the appliction markets. However keep in mind that playing through your mobile devices cause some lags so most of the skilled and experienced players prefer to play through our website which have special servers to eliminate the lagging problems.

In addition to these servers we offer the best mod which allows you to unlock all skins for free and have different features such as zoom or see your exact location on the map.

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