A Strategy Game with Snakes, Slither.io

Play Slither.io, the New Strategy Game

Slither.io game is one of the web browser based multiplayer games which managed to protect its popularity where you can also connect via Twitter and Facebook. You will try to avoid from your opponents and also try to collect the glowing orbs on the map in order to grow bigger.

As you can play slither.io through your browser, it is also possible to download slither.io to any mobile platforms from application markets. You start playing the game by setting a nickname for the snake you will control and adopt slither.io strategies in order to be successful. While you are able to collect the glowing orbs that are located on the map, you can also eliminate other players and collect their scores.

One of the best ways to grow faster in slither.io is to eliminate your opponents and collect the whole score of them which will be remained in their place. You need to have more than ten cells in order to speed up in slither.io. Each cell is equal to ten points and you need to collect as much as you can in order to rank in number one on the scoreboard. There is no upper score limit in slither.io game and you need good reflexes in order to avoid from the possible dangers created by your opponents.


But be aware that slither.io game is highly addictive and you may not realize the amount of time you will spend by playing slither.io. You play slither.io with the help of your mouse and speed up by holding the left button of it. In the event that you will download slither.io mods then you will be able to play as a team with your friends too. Slither.io game is becoming more popular in each passing day and right now it has more than 100 millions of active players.

It is not possible to count the names of the countries where slither.io game managed to be one of the most downloaded games however we can easily tell you that almost all of the countries are in this list. The game is totally based on simple logic where you will beat or beaten by other players. You will need good reflexes as well as a good slither.io strategy in order to succeed in game. You will find some moving orbs on the map and if you can get them, you will have twice score.

Slither.io is a web browser based game and it is quite popular right now and while most of the similar games began to lose their prestige, slither.io is becoming more popular in each day. If you are interested in the game then you can play slither.io through our website now. Keep in mind that you can download slither.io mod through our website and unlock all of the slither.io skins for free so that you can choose any of them while playing the game.

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