Best Hack Extensions

New and Best Hack Extensions

Today many people quit playing on the original servers and prefer to play through hack extensions on the private servers launched and run by the mods developers. Actually we do the same since game does not update itself but the hack extensions offer us quite a lot of new features that we can use in the game in order to increase the amount of the fun we get from the game.

There are many advantages of the hack extensions such as the bots that is an artificial intelligence which plays on behalf of ourselves. Of course these bots are easy to trick however they are great tools whenever you are eliminated and do not want to play the beginning of the game. You can increase your score with these bots and start playing when you have some worthy score.


The hack extensions also allow us many features such as unlocking all of the skins or allow you to zoom out in order to see what is going around you. In this way you can easily spot the eliminated players and rush there in order to collect their score which will help you to grow faster in

In the event that you are bored from the typical game then it is the right time for you to try the hack extensions and have some additional features which will make your game easier however since the other players on those servers will have the same features, the game will be more challenging too. We believe that you will love the hack extensions and have more fun with them.


  1. ya how do you get the mod its so stupid guys put the download link!!

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