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As the amount of the active players of game is a lot more than any popular application there are many mods available on the internet which are developed by the addicts of the game. Most of these mods allow you to take the advantage of hacks such as zooming options, snakes that can automatically play on behalf of yourself and more.

However from time to time some hacks gone viral although they are not real. For instance many of the players believe that there is a skin which is invisible. Sadly this is not true and also it is impossible to develop such code. Although it will be coded by the talented hack developers, everyone on the server would have the invisible skin where no one could hit anyone or eliminate each other. These types of hacks are impossible and will kill the fun we get from the game.

In the event that you are interested in hacks then you can check out mods category where you will find more than twenty mods and bots together with different features and hacks.

Most of the people do not prefer to use mods since they believe that these hacks will not be fun to play however keep in mind that these hacks will be working on a seperate server where everyone in the game will have the same additional features and advantages you have which will make you equal with all of the other players. You can play through our website by simply clicking the link at the top of the page.


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