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Are you looking for private servers to play and have more fun? Then you can try one of the mods that we have shared in our mods category. There are dozens of mods that we have reviewed for our visitors and you can check each article and find out your the best private servers that will meet your needs.

Most of these private servers have been developing for months and most of them are as old as the original game. You can prefer any these private servers in order to play with your friends or have unique features that are exclusive to specific mods. Today, most of these mods also include bots which allow an artificial intelligence to play on behalf of yourself whenever you are busy or have to give a break however it is not advised to rely on these bots and leave your snake which is in the top 10 list.


You can play through our website and run any mod in line with your wish. In the event that you are already playing in one of the private servers and you have your favorite one then share it with us by leaving a comment to this article. Please share the reason why you prefer it to play so that those who are looking for private servers may choose that server to play.

Some of the people believe that using hacks and having advantage against the other players will kill your gaming fun however keep in mind that all of the players playing on the private servers have the same advantages as you do.


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