Common Lag Problems

Does Lag Problems are Common?

Most of the people complain about the lags and blames the game due to the poor gameplay they provide however the truth behind your lag is not related with the servers. It is all about your hardware or internet connection. Since some of our visitors leave comments about the lag they experience, we have decided to provide some information about the possible lag problems. First of all, in case you play through your mobile devices, it will be better for you to connect to your Wi-Fi rather than cellular data.

In case you play on your laptop and still experience lag then be sure that your graphics set to high. Moreover, you may want to check the performance settings of your computer together with whether it is plugged in or not. In case you still experience lags then you can change your browser to check whether you will still have the same problem. In case you still have lag problems then it will be better for you to contact your internet service provider to make the requirement checks.


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