Controls in Mods

Learn the Details of Controls

As you know, controls are quite easy in game in the event that you have played it before. You only have to use your mouse in order to provide the directions for your snake when you play Most of the players do not have any challenging time on these issues but these controls will vary when you decide to play the game on private servers. However we would like to note that, they are still quite easy to handle and even 5 years old kids do very good with these controls. In case you will play on mods, the keys that you will be responsible for will increase in line with the amount of the hacks.

Each of the cheats include new keyboards in the controls apart from some features which are not needed to be activated such as free skins. However hacks such as zoom hack, auto skin changer and bots have their own shortcuts on the keyboard and these keyboards may vary depending on the mod you will be playing. Therefore you need to read mod reviews in order to learn more about the controls in that specific mod. In this way, you will also learn which hacks are included in those mods before you download mods.

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