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Try App Mobile app is one of the online browser games that gaining popularity at a very high pace as it can easily be seen from the number of downloads of it on the app stores. Unlike a considerable amount of other similar games, app offers players a much better competence environment, so no one can win the game with a size advantage. Even a very small snake can kill a huge snake which fills the map. This is what makes app this much popular compared to other similar games, since it is played by millions of people all over the world.

Except the original version of app, there are also so many mods that most of the players prefer to play more. These mods are created by adding hacks to the original version of app. These hacks are some additional features and extras that players enjoy to play for the possibilities it adds to the gameplay, which is already very exciting. These mods can be developed by anyone and be played in a private server which is offered on the web by the developer.

But, a private server will be much more laggy since there are several extra features. Most of them contain a button which reduces the lag when pressed, but the most accurate solution for this problem is changing the unstable internet connection which actually causes the problem to a more stable one. If you don’t see that this method is not useful, try to find a lag fix file on the web, after a few searches, you will definitely find one.

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