Good or The Best? Moded Server

Join a Moded Server is an online browser game that is played on web browsers. You manage a snake in the game and what you have to do is simple; to get the highest score. You start the game as a little snake. You need to eat the colored dots around the map to grow bigger and kill the enemies. To kill enemies, you need to circle them by holding the left mouse button and make them hit on your body. Your goal in the game seems easy, but is the gameplay as easy as it seems? Definitely not, there are several opponents who are waiting for a big snake to make a mistake. In this regard, we can say that the game is really well balanced so even a tiny snake can get a huge snake.

Also, there are several moded servers that you can play with different features that changes the gameplay. In a moded server, all the players have the same changes in the game so they are just alternative versions of the original app, in which several hacks are included. These hacks vary by their features. For example, you may encounter no dots around the map in a moded server, which appears as a simple battle of little snakes. On the other hand, another moded server can contain extreme numbers of dots on the map in order to make it a more intense battle with huge snakes everywhere, not certain who is going to rip off who.

One thing that is very annoying about a moded server is the lag problem. Normally, you can find a “lag” button in many of the moded servers but if that is useless, try to connect a local network directly. Since local networks provides a stable internet connection, it will be faster to connect to the server.

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