History of Slither.io

From Snake Game to Agar.io

Right after the world-famous game Agar.io, now we have Slither.io as well. Are you ready to break the world record? You start as a small worm in slither.io game. You will soon become longer and bigger by collecting the foods on the map or by eliminating your opponents and collect their remaining. You can also share the screenshot of your highest score by leaving a comment. You can easily play slither.io or other similar games through our website.

Slither.io game named to locate at the top of every list and it continuously renews itself. Those who are willing to play with all slither.io skins for free can install our slither.io mod to have an access to all while playing slither.io.

One of the main reasons why slither.io is really loved by the players is; the game logic is quite simple. The main feature in game is to grow as much as you can without being eliminated by your opponents and eliminate other players while you are growing bigger. Apart from these, one of the other reasons that led slither.io be a popular game is the players themselves. Images revealed by some of the slither.io players look fantastic. They gave the signal that there will be much of original images in the following days.

From Snake Game to Agar.io

Slither.io is the new and superb version of old snake game. In the event that you will try to remember the middle aged players know some sort of game like this. Did you remember? Yes, Nokia 3310 was really durable and nothing after it was that much powerful as it was. Nokia 3310 was the king of its time.

Of course the technology and gaming world was not not so rich at those times. The most luxury game that those who have mobile phones could play was the snake game. We hope you already remember those days. Here after many years later technology and nostalgia met in slither.io. We would not be wrong if we say a great game slither.io developed as a result of this meeting. What do you think about how new generation will react to these?

We told about the slither.io mods on the above, these mods allow you to use some additional features such as free slither.io skins. You can download it through our website and start playing slither.io.


  1. Amari Joel Colbert Reply

    wow this game is sick!!!! wait, what if you get mad and die too soon will you get hurt or die? If you can answer all these please tell me on the computer?

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