How Is Controls?

Learn the Details of Controls

Many people believe that it will be challenging issue for them to play since they are afraid of not getting used to the controls of But the fact is just the opposite, controls is quite easy to cope with and any player who is not event interested in using the computers can get used to them easily. The controls are quite simple, you will use your mouse in order to navigate with your snake which moves forward automatically and you can use your left click in order to speed up with your snake but keep in mind that you will lose some part of you when you go faster. There is no limitation in terms of the duration of your speeding but you will not be able to move faster when you will lose all of your score by spending them in this way.

This is why, it will be better for you to use this option when you are in need such as killing any other snake or avoiding from the attacks of your enemies. These controls were for the original game and in case you may want to play game on mods then you will have more keys on your keyboard to use. Each new feature introduced with that mod will have a special key to activate them. For instance, the mod that you are playing on has the bot feature, usually you activate it by pressing on the T key. There are more keys to learn but they all depend on the mod that you are playing on. This is why sadly, we are not able to provide you more detailed information on these in this article.

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