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Here we present to you the latest updated Mod. This new mod has quite a few interesting features to keep you glued on. Let us take a look.
Updated features in


  • Zoom In/Out – Mouse scroll down/up Zoom Hack

  • Minimap for  current position

  • Save your nickname.

If you’ve got any other ideas or feature requests for us to add, leave a comment down below.


Download Mod



How to install Mod?

Step 1: Clear web browser’s cache.
How to clear the Cache?:


Step 2: Remove all mods and extensions


Step 3: Download/Install Tampermonkey:


Step 3: Install Mod v1.0 Alpha Beta



  1. put in free mass please and teleportation where ever is your mouse you can teleport there if your press esc and have a mass bar where you can put as much as you want thank you

  2. can other players see me change my skin? also can they see my modded skin?

  3. mason brown Reply

    GUYS SOMEHOW IT WORKED!!! not very well of course but it still did it’s purpose but the only thing i did was change one of the colors thats not logical XD

  4. Idk if its because I use chrome, but whenever I zoom my screen only goes in and I can’t go out. Great mod, but can you please fix this?

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