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This is a list of all the current server IP addresses.

They have been obtained from the “sos” variable in the game. You can connect to them using various userscripts, or using the “forceServer(ip, port);” javascript function. Be aware though, that if you connect to a random server from this list, it may be a slow server or one that is far away from you. This can cause lag, because the data takes longer because it has to cover a bigger distance.

If you reload the game it will connect to a faster server that the game automatically picks for you, and you have the least lag possible. Keep in mind though that it is still lagging, because the game is constantly growing. The developers are trying to fix this by adding more servers, so just be patient and it will be solved.



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  2. Lunaris_PLedge Reply

    how do you go into the server? do you put it at the end of the website when you type it?

  3. Why do people spend time finding out stupid hacks for absolutely stupid games!?

    • Anonymous

      Because all the 7 year olds that watch shitty youtubers play it suck and then they hack to make themselves feel gudder.

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