Most Downloaded App, The App is the Most Downloaded App is breaking the records one by one and the difference between the old records and the new record is too high that, it is almost impossible to break a new record in the field of the browser based games in the close future. The app managed to be one of the most downloaded application in the worldwide as of today and the number of the players who are downloading the app is increasing in each passing day.

We all knew that is the combination of the popular game and the old but good game snake which was the first game in the mobile phones. This combination created a brand new game called and the app achieved the award that it deserves. While the game is originally browser based game, the developers created the app in order to make the game available for the smart devices which has internet connection. Since then more than hundred millions of players downloaded the app to their smart devices.

Well, are you one of them? If so and you have played game through your app then which one do you prefer? The game that you can play on your computer through your browser or the game that you can play through your app? Express your preference by leaving a comment to this article so we can decide which platform is much more popular when compared with the other platform. By the way if you are wondering our decision, we highly support the browser version since the possibility of experiencing a lag due to the poor internet connection is much lower.

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