Official Policy on Video Monetization

on monetization

We realize that many YouTubers, Twitch broadcasters, and video creators on other mediums make their livelihood from video ads, so we want to be transparent about our monetization policies:

  • We are not currently monetizing any user videos or livestreams featuring
  • We do not have any plans to monetize any user videos or livestreams featuring in the future.
  • We will never retroactively monetize user videos or livestreams.

We know you work hard to spend your time and money making videos for other people to enjoy. We have this policy to show our mutual respect for you. We are grateful for any videos you create related to, because you are giving our game more exposure!

We hope that you consider making your channel’s video game of choice. Thank you so much for all that you do! on twitter, facebook, youtube & instagram

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  1. This means i can monetize my videos of on youtube, if I choose to do so?

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