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Slither io Techniques

General rules:

  • Your goal is to grow as much as possible.
  • Eat the glowing matter to grow.
  • Hold the mouse for a speed boost (at cost of mass).
  • If a snake dies, it becomes glowing matter.
  • The head is the only vulnerable part of a snake. Don’t touch the bodies of other snakes with your head, and trick them to touch yours.

When small:

  • Go to the center of the map! It’s a big mess full of battles and dead snakes to eat.
  • Take risks! You have nothing to lose, you can be a pain in the ass for the big ones by making fast suicidal attacks.
  • Stay close to the big ones! They will eventually get killed by someone else, becoming a big easy meal for your snake.

When Big:

  • Avoid the center of the map! The space of your manoeuvres is significantly larger now. Small snakes can easily put their bodies in front of you, and you won’t be able to avoid them.
  • Use your lenght to create a safe space! They can’t touch your body, so make a circle and keep your head inside it until it’s safe enough to run away.
  • Use your lenght to trap other players! Make a circle around them and close it slowly, until they inevitably touch you.

Risky Technique

Recently I’ve tried (and witnessed other snakes do this) follow-dashing when another snake turns away to prevent them from running into me. If I am fast enough, I can cut off the opponent from turning into itself and kill them before they can pass through themselves, which instantly turns them into a bunch of blobs. However, if they are too fast or just go parallel to themselves, I get trapped and I die. It works best for small snakes taking on a much larger snake, since it is usually not worth it to try to kill you, but it is worth it for you.


Also, if there is someone dieas and you want to take the bounty, but there are others close, make a circle arrount a big chunk of matter and eat it camly.

If a bigger snake surrounds you, it will try to make the circle smaller. To do it it will bring the head inside the circle, try to kill it then, its hard but the only option.

I have a technique that works when you are pretty long. I call it “The Boa” technique.

Basically the prey almost runs into you but turning away at the right time, gasping for dear life as they have survived that they see you closing in on them inch by inch. This forces them to give up eventually because they don’t want to keep this up. This works 90% of the time if you’re a patient hunter. (out of 50 recorded games). The highest score i’ve gotten was 26,000+. Tell me your techniques and the highest score you’ve gotten with them.


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  1. Eugene Minton Reply

    i have rammed some snakes head on and won, i’m not sure if its a speed mechanic or mass, anyone want to play chicken?

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