tips and tricks basic overview of some tips and tricks

This article will give you a basic overview of some tips and tricks for the game.

To play, simply go and enter your name, and click play.


Now, you will be very low on mass, you spawn with 10.0 mass. To increase this, you will have to eat mass, from either food blobs, flying orbs or player’s mass.

What I do, is get to around 50 by eating food blobs. Then, you can boost to one of those flying orbs by clicking. This will increase your mass to around 120. Do this again and you will be around 200 mass.


You can now start killing people. This takes some time getting used to, but just cut people off when they least expect it. When you are behind them, that is. It will work a lot of the times.


Sometimes I find that people start boosting in a straight line to avoid me. Don’t try to cut them off while boosting in that situation. You are not faster so you will die due to crashing into their body. Instead, wait for them to stop boosting, or they will make the same mistake and crash into YOUR body.

If they turn into their own bodies or stop boosting, repeat the trick again.


To avoid this attack happening to yourself, just boost AWAY from the attacker.


When you are bigger, you can start constricting people. This, you can do by circling around them, and slowly decreasing your circle’s size. When they die, their mass is all for you!


To avoid this attack happening to you, try to circle on the outside. Then at one moment, try to make very small circles. The attacker will try to decrease the circle all at once, so their head becomes exposed. At this moment you boost to cut them off.


One last tactic when you are small, is crashing into bigger snakes’ heads. With a head-on collision, the bigger snake dies. You can then boost down their body and eat them all. Mods v3 Released! Mods User Script

How to install Mods?


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