Slither Gains Popularity

Slither Game Madness

As everyone knows, slither is a game that is really gaining popularity at a very fast pace recent days. Slither has managed to influence people and draw lots of attention even if there are lots of other online browser games that are very similar to slither. Of course, the biggest reason for slither to has become this much popular among several other online browser games is the gameplay that slither offers players. It also offers players a very fair competence environment that most of the other similar online browser games do not. But above all, it will be good to talk about the game a little for those who might now know the game.

Slither is a game that you will manage a snake. With this snake, you have to eat the colorful dots around to grow. Your goal here is to reach the highest score and remain as the biggest snake in the game until the given time is up. Also, you have to kill your enemies by circling them in order to make them hit any part of your body. This is how you kill your opponents in the game and even if controls are fairly easy since there is only one skill you can use which accelerates you, killing opponents will not be easy as you might think. Also, since you need to eat the remains of your opponents which they leave when they die in order to grow much bigger. Remains of your opponents gives you much more points and grows you more bigger.

There are also mods, in which players can play with hacks. These mods can be considered as alternative games. They are added a hack that players would like to play with and it is for nothing but fun. And it also has to be said that most of the players like playing slither with hacks compared to the original version of slither. Anyway, if you want to play in these slither moded servers, you should know that most of them are laggy. In order to reduce or completely destroy the lag in a private server, you can change your internet connection to a more stable one. Or, if this mehod does not solve your lag problem, you can search the web for several lag fix methods.

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