Slitherio Is Still Popular

Still Playing Slitherio?

It is known that slitherio, which is one of the most played and downloaded online browser games. Slitherio is undoubtedly the one of the most successful ones of them, since there are not many online browser games that are still played by thousands of people. Slitherio is being played by thousands of people all over the world. Slitherio owe this to its gameplay that offers players a fair competence environemnt. It means that no matter how big you are, you may fall prey to even a small snake. This creates the main concept of the game and hat is what makes slitherio this much popular. And also, even if it seems like a child’s game at the beginning or if you are going to play slitherio for the first time, you should know that it is not, not at all.

In slitherio, you manage a snake. Your goal in the game is to reach the highest score and remain as the biggest snake until the end of the time that is given. When it is the case, there are colorful dots all over on the map which players have to eat in order to grow bigger. Like in the Snake game which had been the legend of the old mobile phones. To kill opponents, you have to circle them by using your only skill in the game. When you click on the left mouse button, your skill is activated which boosts you and allows you to circle the enemy better and easier. So, like I said, even a tiny snake can eat a giant in the same moded server. 

On the other hand, these moded servers are private servers in which players are offered several hacks which are added to the game in order to make more fun of it. These slitherio hacks can be additional features or skills like zooming, accelerating, skins, skills, new backgrounds or more. But, these slitherio moded servers are more likely to be laggy. In order to destroy the lag problem, you can change your internet connection to a more stable one, because local networks are known to be much more stable than any other kinds of internet connections that players use. Or you can try searching the web under the title of lag fix options.  

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