App, The Most Downloaded Application

Did You Download the App? app became the most downloaded app in all around the world since they first days the game offered on the application markets of different operating systems. This is the solid proof of the success of the game which is played more than 70 millions of players all around the world on a daily basis and the number of the players is still increasing in each passing day. game did not lose anything from its popularity although months passed from the first time it gone viral thanks to a YouTube video and the app is continued to be download by many people. According to the official figures the app downloaded more than 100 million times on tablets, MACs and smartphones.


In the event that you are one of those game lovers just like us you probably have the app in all of your mobile devices and probably you are playing the game on your browser in your free times too when you are at home. There is a huge difference about playing through your web browser and mobile platforms due to the nature of the devices.

You can play better through a web browser with the help of a mouse which will increase your reaction time however the same is not possible for the app since it is always hard for people to have a better control on the small screens. In addition to these you will not be able to take the advantage of the mods when you are playing through the app. Let us know what do you think about playing the game through a app.


  1. Deborah Carolan Reply

    Hi the game is not working so can you please fix this game

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