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All Details of Hack Extension hack extension is one of the popular topics on the search engines. Many of the players search this terms in order to find mods to download. In fact, these are scripts prepared by independent developers and allow you to access their private servers. But why you will need such extensions? As you know, game owners resist making any changes in the game. The game is still the same since the first day it launched. However, most of the players want new features in the game. At this point, most of these players prefer the mods due to the hacks they offer. In fact, these hacks are new features included on that servers. Any player who will be playing on that specific mod will be able to access the same features.

This means that you will not be cheating while playing with the hacks. Because every player on the map is able to use the same features that you use. Of course, private servers have their own players. For instance, let’s assume that we have two mods as X mod and Y mod. When you play on X mod, you will be playing on the X map. Any other player on the Y mod will not access that map. They will be playing on their Y map. As you can see it is important to choose the mods which are popular in order to find more players to play with. If you are looking for popular mods, you can find them on They share all of the existing io mods on their website. Thus, you can find and download the best mods to play with other real players.

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