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Millions are Playing game which is similar to can be defined as the combination of snake game with This online game is quite successful in terms of the game mechanics and loved by millions. Since playing is quite simple, the interest for the game is quite great. The purpose of is to collect the glowing orbs and grow bigger.

Eliminate the other players by letting their snakes hit you. The addictive game, experience a great insterest in the world. You improve your skills and create tactics as you play the game. You can eliminate other players by playing together with your friends and rank in the leaderboard list.

You have to let other snakes to hit you in order to eliminate other players. Of course other players have the same goal so they will play to eliminate you. Those who play have quite fun while playing. You can play from your web browser as well as play it on Android and iOS platforms.

Millions are Playing

How to Change Skin?

You can change the color of your snake in or in other words change skin. You need to share your score on social media accounts for skin. However you can download mod from our website in order to get all skins for free besides many other features such as zoom.

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