The New Pheonemon is the New Pheonemon of Gaming World

With the increase in the number of online games, a new game is being developed in each game. Right after downloaded and played by many people, a new version of snake game which we have played for years had been developed. This game is also addictive.

You can simply play in our website and you can also prefer the mod which has many more features too. which is a new game that had been developed by the developers of became the trend topic of recent months. How to play this popular game which managed to become trend in a short period of time? The number of players who want to take the advantage of hack and skins are increasing day by day. You can keep reading to learn more about the popular game of recent times. Thorntree Studios which is also the developer of where you start the game as a small ball and aim to grow bigger launched in the past months. launched on May 25, 2016 and it managed to become the most downloaded application in United States both for general applications and game category while it also ranked in top 3 more than 20 countries all around the world.

It is possible to play the popular game on web, iOS and Android devices. However most of the users do not prefer to play on their mobile devices due to some problems such as lags and so on, they prefer to play on their web browsers through our website. You begin to game by choosing a username and it is actually looks like the classic snake game of 2000s. Your goal is to grow bigger and rank in the TOP 10 list of just like in You can follow your ranking from the leaderboard section which is one the right top of your page.

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