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Technology is rapidly evolving and every day new areas, opportunities, possibilities emerge with the help of the technology. Without a doubt gaming industry is one of the fields that take the advantage of these new issues well. Right after the rapid development of computers and gaming portals in 1970s and with the spread of the internet in 1990s the games began to enter every household all around the world.

We had been playing games as single player for years however after 1990s we all began to play multiplayer games with players from all around the world. After that time we could be able to meet with new people while playing games and we do not need our friends to be actually next to us. game is one of the trendy games of the recent times which is strategy based browser game with 2D graphics however it is quite fun and addictive game. You collect the orbs on the map in order to make your snake bigger and compete with other snakes on the map which are controlled by another people. Your goal is to get bigger as much as you can and eliminate your opponents. game has a simple gameplay where you only need to use your mouse to play. You can speed up in by clicking and holding down the left button of the mouse.


Although game looks very simple, the case is opposite since there are many other people playing the game with us at the same time. Whenever you speed up to avoid from your opponents or get an advantage you will lose some of your parts. This is why you have to closely follow your opponent and do not lose your score for nothing. You are able to attack anyone on the map regardless of your or their sizes.

In the event that you have a chance to eliminate anyone, you should not miss it since if you will not do so, they will eliminate you in the future. You have to becareful to the traps that are prepared by the other opponents such as they may try to draw a circle around you and cage you with their bodies. Of course you can do the same to them. In fact, in the event that you will use the mod then you will have a high chance to avoid from such strategies.


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