Growing Hack

Leave Fake Orbs Behind Your Snake game is one of the most downloaded games in all around the world and it has the most active players on a daily basis. There are dozens of mods available on the internet and most of us use some of these all the time. It is much more fun to play with the mods. In this article we will share a new mod with you which has only two additional features.

One of them is the free skins which is now a default feature for all of the mods but the other one will surprise you a lot. There is a growing hack in this mod. In fact you never grow in size by collecting the foods you leave on the map however they are still useful to trick some of your opponents.


Thanks to this mod your snake will leave foods as it keeps slithering. These foods just look like the ones when any snake is eliminated however none of the snakes are able to collect them. They will just stay on the map and make you confused. It is quite fun to play with this mod since no one understands which one is the real one or fake one.

Try this mod and let us what do you think about it? Did you like it or will you recommend it to other players to play?


Food Hack

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  1. Doesn’t work. It leaves orbs, but you can’t pick them up

    • Anonymous

      go onto facebook/twitter and then go back

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