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Probably none of us heard the KMC before in the mod world however he has some several successful mods developed in other games. He also developed one mod for the game as well. In this article we will provide a mod review for the mod which was developed by him.

His mod does not include too much details however it is still enough to increase the amount of the fun you receive from the game. His mods includes the basic features such as zoom hack and free skins but in addition to these it also allows you to play with your friends on the same server. You can start the game by leaving the server information blank to start on a random server and once you will start playing with this mod you will see the IP address of your server at the left top of the screen. You can share it with your friends so whenever they type this information at the homepage they will start playing with the same map with you.

You will also see your current coordinates on the top left of the screen as well. In addition to these you will find the respawn button right under the coordinate data. All you will have to do is click on this button with your mouse to respawn in the different part of the map. But keep in mind that when you do this your game will reset and you will lose all of your score.

We believe that KMC will continue to improve his mod in the future and this is why it will be worthy to keep his mod on our browsers.


Zoom with mouse wheel

Join a friends server (leave blank to join a random server)


Shows coordinates Mod Download

How to install user scripts?





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