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Today, most of the players prefer to play the game on different private servers. The main reason why most of the players prefer these mods is that the original game does not include any innovations in the game. They resist making a change however the current concept began to be slightly boring for some of the players. Unlike the original servers, the private servers allow players to take the advantage of new features without making any change in the current concept of the game. This means that the logic of the game will remain however you will be able to take the advantage of various cheats or hacks such as zoom hack or free skins.

Well, what can you do in order to play the game on these hacked servers? In fact, you will be surprised when you will learn that it is quite easy to play on these servers. All you have to do is visit the application market of your browser and search for the TamperMonkey software which allows you to download and run scripts on your browser. In this way, you will be able to download any mod you want and have an access to them. Please note that not all of the mods offer all of the available hacks. This is the main reason why it would be beneficial for you to read the description of that mod before you download it. In this way, you will not have to download the mods which you will never play due to the lack of the features that you want to play with. Let us know in case you have any question about these mods, by leaving a comment to this article.

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