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I am the front-end coder of agariomods. Earlier, I was experimenting with modding as a little side project.

Because of the explosive growth of in the past week, mainly due to YouTube, I changed my focus to this. We will soon be releasing slither.iomods, which will also integrated into the original agariomods chrome extension.

This will take place after we finish transitioning from to At the time being, the mod is self-hosted by me, and can be used with Tampermonkey and Greasemonkey. Any feedback would be appreciated. Mods v3 Released! Mods User Script

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  1. luana prebienca de oliveira Reply

    como instala as skins do hack do

  2. Can other players see the trail u leave behind or can I only see it? Tnks 4 the awsome mod btw.

  3. seria bueno que haya mas gama baja para los que tienen muy mala conexion, ademas al primer puesto le deberia aparecer una corona , estaria gracioso, saludos mejoren, agreguen idioma español por favor

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