Hacking Possible with Our Mod Mod and Hacks is the new version of and it is much more fun that it. Would you like to rank number one in the Leaderboard in your first play? Then considers these tips about we will share in this article with you and also check our mod in order to have many advantages while playing to implement these tips and tricks better.

Although looks like an easy snake game at the first sight, you may be eliminated by a small snake while you are big enough to be on the leaderboard list in the event that you will not be careful.

Of course none of the players would like to experience such a poor end so this is why pay attention to the following tricks about in order to not experience such cases. Mod and Hacks

In the event that you are using mod, pick your skin from the right bottom of your screen before you start playing You will start as a small snake and be careful to not be the food of bigger snakes. Never ever let bigger snakes draw circle around you and cage you.

If you will stuck inside of a circle then try to let the bigger snake hit your body, in this way you will become the hunter rather than the hunt. You can grow bigger by eating the remainings of them. Do not speed up too often once you grow big and do not go to crowded places such as the middle of the map. Do not forget that the middle of the map is always crowded and active.

In the event that you are a long snake circle around the smaller snakes and eat them. Be careful while you are doing this since some of the players play in a very agressive way. Otherwise they may eliminate you and eat your glowing orbs.

If you have any further tactics for please let us know by posting a comment to this article.


  1. I usually (when I’m longer) make a circle as if i’m circling someone else so that they can’t tighten the circle without hitting me.

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