Detailed Guide for How to Play

What is is the most outstanding online flash games in all around the world where you start to play as a small worm. All you need to do is grow bigger in size. To do this, you have to collect the colorful balls on the map and avoid from your opponents. As you can play through your web browser, it is also compatible with the mobile platforms.

How to Play

You will start to game as a small worm however you have to set up a nickname before you start. Then? You will compete with other millions of players of game but do not forget to hit play button to do this. You try to get bigger as much as you can by collecting the colorful balls on the map. You use your mouse to give direction to your snake.

In the event that you began playing on you browser you will only use your mouse to play Since you will play with many players from different countries, you have to be careful to their attacks. If you hit any of them with your head then you will be eliminated and those who will collect your remainings will get your score. You will start from the beginning as a small worm. As you grow bigger in size more opponents will target you to eliminate in order to get your high scores.

The bigger you are, the more you will be target. Many other players will try their best to eliminate you and prepare traps for you. game is highly addictive and you may not give up playing for long hours. We all try to rank in the top ten list of the game.


You have to use your skills and reflexes well in order to grow in size without being eliminated. In this way you increase your chance to avoid from possible dangers. Let us note that, you have to maximum speed when you start playing As you start to collect the colorful balls you also start to get slower. This is why your chance to be eliminated increases in line with your size. However since getting bigger in size is the goal of the game, you need to keep growing and be careful to not be eliminated.

When we check the technical details of the game, you give directions with the help of your mouse as we mentioned. And you can speed up by using the left button of your mouse. In addition to these you can use the scroll button of your mouse to zoom in and out if you are using our mods. In this way you will have a better chance to see what is going around you. You can also customize your snakes by using the skins which you can also have all skins for free with the bots. You can change your skin from the homepage of the game.

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