Mod 0.6.8 by Slither King Mod 0.6.8 Developed by Slither King

As you know game is one of the most popular games in recent days and there are many mods being developed by various developers. We have already shared slither king’s mod in our previous articles but did you know that he also developed another mod? We don’t know the exact reason of it however after testing the two mods it is easy to tell that previous one was better. So let’s begin to our mod review.

As the same with the earlier mod, you can use the bot by pressing the T button while playing In addition this feature activate the prey hunting feature by pressing the P button on your keyboard. This feature allow the bot to speed up to collect the moving orbs on the map. As you know these orbs provide more points than the regular ones. Again we have the visual debugging and log debugging features which you can activate them by clicking the Y and U buttons. It will be good for you to turn on the visual debugging feature if you will let the bot to play on behalf of yourself. In this way you will see which moves you bot will do as next or where it aims to go. You can set the collision radius multiplier by pressing the A and S button. A increases the radius while S decreases it. You can see the multiplier by turning on the visual debugging.


It will be good to press the I and turn on the auto respawning in order to not deal with anything in case you will be eliminated by other players. In the event that you experience lagging while playing then you can press the O button in order to turn on the mobile rendering. In this way you will start using the lowest graphics options. You can speed up with the space button or the left button of your mouse when you are playing in free mode with this mod. It is possible to use the zoom hack in game with the help of the scroll button of your mouse as well. Whenever things will be messed you can always reset it by clicking the Z button. In addition to all these features you can activate the defence mode by clicking the D button on your keyboard. When you start using this feature the bot will start to turn around itself. This is all for this mod. We didn’t include the information that all of the skins are available for this mod since it is now a deafault feature in the mods. Try this mod but in the event that you will not like it, you can check the previous article for the new version of this mod developed by the same developer.


T Bot enabled/disabled
U Log debugging
Y Visual debugging
I Automatic Respawning
O Mobile rendering – Try this if you experience lag
P Hunt prey – Moving food
D Defense mode – bot turns around in a circle
C Enemy avoidance / Collision prevention
Z Reset zoom
Mouse wheel Zoom in/out Mod Download

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