Zoom Hack Mod by Verox Zoom Hack Mod Developed by Verox

In the event that you really love to play and want to have some advantages while playing the game however do not want all of the hacks then this mod will be the thing you may be looking for. The mod developed by Verox only includes the zoom hack and nothing more. As you know mods work on different servers than the original servers and those who play on those IP addresses are using the same mods. This means that all your opponents have the same advantages with you. But some people believe that using a bot will kill their fun and that is why they prefer this mod.

You can directly join to any servers if you will not type any server IP and click on the play button. However in the event that you are a group of friends who are willing to compete with each other than you can type one of your IP addresses in here. So that anyone who will type the same IP address will be playing on that server which will be some kind of unique server for you and your friends. You can set the graphics before you start playing with mods. In addition to these all of the skins are available on this mod too.

You can use your mouse wheel to arrange your zoom hack and speed up with the left button of your mouse as usual. In the event that you are willing to give a try to this mod you will learn more at the end of the article such as how can you download and install this mod. The servers are very crowded and if you have a low computer hardware it will be good for you to set the graphics to low in advance in order to avoid any possible lag problem.


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