Mod APK Mod APK offers Brand New Features

We try to have the biggest snake in servers in game which is very similar to that we already now. mod apk file is a great way to spend some of your time through a good game which requires some patience as well as good reflexes.

You can start playing through our website without needing to pay any fee or watch ads that annot players. Although draws the attention due to its similarity to, it has man features that makes it different than Mod APK offers Brand New Features

You will be playing with other players online again. Each player or your opponent controls one snake and our main goal is to have the biggest snake on the map. The main feature that makes the game different than other games is, when you try to bite other players you will be eliminated. In the event that your snake will directly hit to any other snake with its head you lose and your scores will be remained on the map on the old place of your body. Other players can grow faster by collecting the remainings of other snakes.

You have to think twice before you act in order to be successful with Mod APK and let other players hit you with their head by preparing traps for them. The good part of the game is you have the chance to beat the biggest snake on even you are a very small snake. Of course your chance will be very low however you still have one.

It is possible to prepare traps for any other snakes in the game. You can start playing with the help of our Mod APK which offers all of the skins for free. The game can be played online, thus you will need an active internet connection on your device in order to play You will have more fun with mod that we share on our website for you.

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