Mod By szymy Mod Developed by szymy is one of the great games that we daily play on our web browsers. Many people also prefers the mods in order to increase the amount of the fun of game while some of them just use the free skins. Regardless of your purpose there is one mod which you will love. It was developed by szymy and you can find the download link from the bottom. But before it let us share the features of this mod with you.

One of the outstanding features of this mod is auto skin rotation. When you click to the A button on your keyboard you will see that your skin will change every second while you are playing. You can also change your skin whenever you want while playing by clicking on the S button on the keyboard.

As usual this mod also includes the zoom hack. You can use your scroll button to zoom in and zoom out. You can also press the Z button in order to reset the changes you did while playing It is possible see your current location from the right bottom of the screen as well. You can click on the Q button to quit your current game and go back to the main page. As you can play with your mouse, you can use your arrow keys as well and all you have do is hold down the space bar in order to speed up with your snake.


You have to select a server before you start playing with this mod and if you will let your friends learn the IP address of the server (the figures written as server names) you can play together with your friends as well. There are three graphics options that you can choose at the homepage of the mod which are normal, optimized and low. You can prefer the suitable one in line with your internet connection and computer hardware. You can click on the escape button in order to start from the beginning quickly.

You will see your FPS counter at the right button of your screen where you can also find your best score and server IP address. You can find your length and rank at the left button of your screen too. mod has only one black background and the glow of the objects are reduced in order to provide a better gameplay. Your nickname and settings will be saved by the hack and they will be ready whenever you visit our website to play

This mod is one of the best mods on the internet and we believe that you will like it a lot. Let us know what do you think about this new mod.



– zoom (with scroll wheel),
– current position,
– FPS counter,
– current server address info,
– PLAY WITH FRIENDS (direct connect to the servers),
– dark background,
– reduced glow,
– graphics mode selection,
– saving nick and settings,
– selecting a server,
– unblocked skins,
– auto skin rotator,
– changing a skin,
– tracking and saving best score. Mod Download

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