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Everything about and Its Features

As you already know is among the most popular games of 2016. After the success of, the developers continue to create similar games with almost same mechanics.In this article we will take a deep look to the mechanics which was developed in the same style with

How to Play is an easy game which you have to use your mouse just like You need to grow as much as you can by moving your snake with your mouse as well as trying to not hit any of your opponents. You can speed up in order to escape from your opponents or prepare a trap for them by holding the left button of your mouse. It has quite a simple gaming style. Tactics

Firstly you start playing as a small snake and try to grow bigger by collecting the glowing orbs on the map.

Everything about and Its Features

But the important thing is to grow faster by eliminating your opponents and collect their points. If you will hit any of your opponents with your head then you will be eliminated. You can follow the bigger snakes, cut their way by speeding up with the left button of your mouse and collect their points. In this way you will be able to grow faster than simply collecting the orbs on the map. Keep in mind that, speeding up will cause you to lose some of the parts of your snake. The longer you speed up, the more you will lose.

This is why always follow your target well since you may experience a loss for nothing in the event that you will not be able to eliminate your opponent. You can also hang out in the middle of the map in order to find more opponents and choose your target among one of them. skins does not make any change in the game mechanics, nor provide any advantage apart from visiual difference however you can have all snakes for free by using our mod.


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