If were to ever add powerups, then it should definitely be in a separate game mode so we can keep the classic version as it is. I have some ideas for powerups that I think could work in

  • Jump – This powerup lets you jump over enemy snake bodies with the space bar.
  • Invis – This lets you go invisible for a period of time after pressing the space bar.
  • Helm – This power gives you armor to protect your head from enemies. When activated, you can move through enemies like how you can move through yourself.
  • Fx2 – This doubles all the intake of food you eat for a period of time.
  • Sx2 – This doubles your normal speed and boosting speed for a period of time.
  • Pivot – This powerup lets you stop entirely when you hold down the space bar, letting you reposition your head to where you want to move forward. Letting go of space boosts you slightly into that direction.
  • Rattle – This gives you a temporary rattle at the end of your snake. It flicks to the left and right, potentially killing enemies, but it also allows you to boost (for the period of time) without losing any mass.
  • Cobra – This gives you temporary flaps on either side of your snakes head. This sucks in orbs from a radius.
  • Boa – This temporarily tightens all loops that your snake makes as it moves forward.
  • Dragon – This temporarily gives your snake wings. Touching another enemy will always kill it. Your movement and boosting is half as fast with this, however.
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