Skin Changer Mod

Auto Skin Changer Mod

There are many mods on the internet which offer great features however there is a mod which allows your snake to change its skins every one second. The mod developed by Sean Miles has the skin rotator and zoom hack feature. You can find the link of this mod at the end of the article as well as how to install it on your browser. Although it may look complicated at the first sight, it is much more easier than installing a video game.


You can use the zoom hack through your mouse wheel. And you do not have to do anything else to change the skins while you are playing In the event that you are looking for more features such as bots then you have to try out the different mods where you can find a detailed list in our mod category. Let us know what do you think about this mod and in the event that you have any preferred mods let us know by leaving a comment to this article so that other players can also download them.


Auto Skin Changer
Mouse wheel Zoom in/out Mod Download

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