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The is the favorite game of the millions of players from all around the world in order to spend some time and relax. The highly addictive game broke numerous records in the gaming world and it never loses its popularity. Today we will provide some brief information about the gameplay where you can find many detailed version of the gameplay together with the tips on our website. In this article we will just talk about the basics of gameplay in order to be a guide for the beginners who have never played game before.

This guide and the gameplay will only focus on the game which you can play through your browsers on your computer. First of all let’s start with the controls. You will be using your mouse in order to provide direction to your snake. Wherever you will move your mouse, your snake will begin to go there. In the event that you will use mods then the gameplay will change in line with the features that mod includes. Such as a bot which has bots option will allow you to use the T button on your keyboard in order to activate or disable the bot feature.

You can also use the zoom hack with the scroll button of your mouse where you will be also able to speed up by clicking the left button of your mouse. However keep in mind that you will lose some of your score while going fast. These are the all gameplay that you need to know however some mods will have much more features where you will have to learn the details from the mods description.

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