Give a Shot to Slitherio for More Fun

Did You Try Slitherio Before?

Slitherio is one of the most popular games on the internet which is a strategy game you play online through your browsers. Its success is undebatable since it dominated every single chart in United States and all around the world from the first day it become available. The slitherio game is available on computers and all other smart devices which have internet connection. It is not play to play slitherio without an internet. In the event that you remember the old snake game in the Nokia phones in the past and familiar with agario game then you can consider slitherio as the combination of both.

There are many tactics that you can adopt while playing slitherio and you can reach all of these information through our slitherio guide category. Unline in agario you will be able to attack any of your opponents regardless of their sizes. The more points you will collect will mean the bigger you will get. However keep in mind that you will get slower as you get bigger in It is possible to speed up by holding the left button of your mouse in slitherio game but as you speed you will start to lose some of your points and length.

Still, speeding up in slitherio has some advantages in the event that you will be able to use it on time in order to eliminate your opponents. The eliminated opponents leave their score in their places and if you will collect them you will directly get the score they used to own. One of the fastest growing tactics in slitherio is to chasing your enemies and eliminating them rather than collecting the foods on the map which can be found at any part of the map.

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