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Greetings visitors, today we will provide you a review for the mod developed by 607ch00. This is one of the most downloaded mods on the internet and you will see the reason why it is widely preferred. You will find the details of how to download and install this mod at the end of our article. Let’s start to our mods review.

When you install this mod you will have to choose a server before playing You can either choose a specific server or let the game choose the closest or random one for you. There are four graphics options that you can choose. In addition to classic ones, this mod also includes a customized graphic options where you can set your own background and set other parameter in line with your needs. However it is not possible to upload any visual from your own computer but you can use the ones which are uploaded by the developer. They are nice too. You can also set the background option as random from the homepage.

As you can select any skin directly you can also set the settings as random per game or let your skin change every second while you are playing. After you set these settings you can click on the play button. When you start playing you will not see any hotkeys menu on the screen. All the thing you need will be located at the right bottom of the screen. You can see your FPS, zoom hack ratio, coordinates, server IP address, highest score and a real time clock at the top of your mini map. The left bottom includes your rank and length. The time is quite useful since if you are from one of those who forget to sleep because of playing you will always see what time it is.


You can speed up by holding down the left button of your mouse and use zoom hack with the help of your mouse wheel. It is possible to reset any change in your zoom option by clicking on the ~ button. You can click on the ESC button whenever you want to reset your game and spawn at the different area of the map. However keep in mind that the background and your snake will change in this mod when you use this option. You can press the Q button to quit the main page of mod.  

It is also possible to remove the statics at the right bottom of the the map by clicking on the TAB button however it will be good for you to have an eye on your statics. This mod is continously updated by the developer and he is kind enough to listen to the advices of the players. If you may request any more backgrounds you can contact with him to add them.


[Mousewheel] Zoom
[~] Reset Zoom – reset zoom back to default level
[ESC] Respawn – respawn in a different part of the map
[Q]uit Game – quit current game and go back to main screen
[TAB] Toggle Stats – hide the stats panel and revert back to default look Mod Download

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  1. Good morning can you give me a link to slitherio mods v2.1.4 ?

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