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In this short tutorial i will show you how to unlock all the skins. I show you by going through facebook but you can follow these steps for twitter too.I hope this video helped you. Mods v3 Released! Mods User Script

How to install Mods?



Make sure you disable any other extension and scripts first!

How to install user scripts? Mods User Script Skins Unlock
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  1. Avatar Anonymous says:

    shreeek ohhhhhh yeahhh it feals so gooood in thhhe buuut by shreeek

  2. Avatar Wilson Wie-addo says:


  3. Avatar gediminas says:


  4. Avatar juan says:

    juan krak

  5. Avatar elisabete maria says:

    quelo ser asim

  6. Avatar peko says:

    this is unhelpful loosers

  7. Avatar Anonymous says:

    dont know how to get it out of file

  8. Avatar collin kleinlein says:

    biggest score is 15 thousand

  9. Avatar sevas says:

    quiero otro skin

  10. Avatar yonka says:

    cool peace out

  11. Avatar Anonymous says:

    this is GOOD

  12. Avatar Alexander says:


  13. Avatar Anonymous says:

    Im all way’s get lag so idk what to do

  14. Avatar Anonymous says:

    I like play

  15. Avatar Meghan says:

    I have this video and Im sure it will help you So lissen up 😉
    How to do this awesome trick is you go to tampermonkey then click add to google chrome.
    Then download it afterwards go to and you will be a bot sort of. you can control it by mouse it can control its self and you can zoom in and out

    ITS [email protected]#$%^&*()

    please try it 😉

  16. Avatar Anonymous says:

    Just press on it and then go back, that still works

  17. Avatar NandoTukangBecak says:

    How do I Make an Account

  18. Avatar NandoTukangBecak says:

    Do the Same with

  19. Avatar NandoTukangBecak says:

    Slither.Io skin why not?

  20. Avatar francisco says:


  21. Avatar Anonymous says:

    i need all off the skins

  22. Avatar Sabah says:


  23. Avatar Kareem Carter says:

    All Skins

  24. Avatar ismail says:

    ms za vsicko nai yakiya skins brat ms 😀 !

  25. Avatar Anonymous says:

    wat is de naam nou!!!!!!!

  26. Avatar tolwyn says:


  27. Avatar tolwyn says:


  28. Avatar Anonymous says:


  29. Avatar carolann says: is a awesome game butt it gets really frushdrating when other worms try to circle u ( trap u) it really fun i would recomend for u to try it

  30. Avatar lucio says:

    what its game

  31. Avatar Breanne says:

    The twitter and facebook icons aren’t next to the arrow….

  32. Avatar jacksepticeye says:

    my skin is boss

    • Avatar Anonymous says:

      Are U REALL!!!
      WELL Are YOU!

    • Avatar Anonymous says:

      Ya it is ilove ur vids i think i actually found you!!!!!!!!!

    • Avatar jake kenny says:

      Jacksepticeye im irish like you. im from portarlington co.Ofally.You are the best youtuber ever. I cant belive one of the most popular youtubers is from this little island called ireland.

      Good look in future.

  33. Avatar enes says:

    abi skin indiremedim nerden indiriliyo

  34. Avatar Anonymous says:

    i want to play mod version but it won’t work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Avatar fatima diaz says:

    i love your tips they help me so much lol good tips

  36. Why do you need to install just to hack

  37. Avatar ed says:

    an easier way is share on twitter then go back, it’ll think you have shared it so it’ll give ya skins

  38. I guant skins to play slitherio

  39. Avatar lucas says:

    como que coloca o mods

  40. Avatar lilly says:

    how do u work this i tryed over 10 times and it did not work

  41. Avatar JP games says:

    Eu gostei de mais do

  42. Avatar Brett says:

    wut i have them they unlocked more theres a ghost one and a one eyed one so creepy

  43. Avatar oliver marjoram says:

    I didn’t have to share it just took me to facebook and I came back to slither and I had all the skins

  44. Avatar endy says:

    no me sale la descarar y eso que tengo tampermonkey

  45. Avatar Anonymous says:

    is therer a way to do this without f12. I have an acer chromebook and dont have an f12 button.

  46. Avatar lorca says:

    How to get skins i phone whit no sharing

  47. Thanks for watching my video guys, remember to subscribe for more videos

  48. Avatar Anonymous says:

    How doi

  49. Avatar Anonymous says:

    Hello its me i was wondering.

  50. Avatar Anonymous says:


  51. Avatar Anonymous says:

    it does not show the medias in the bottem left doe

  52. Avatar Anonymous says:


  53. Avatar Neez Duts says:

    This Video is completely stupid. You dont need to go to Facebook. Jut go to the bottom left corner (-_-)

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