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Since our last update, we have been working diligently to improve performance and gameplay by adding more servers. Now that we have deployed plenty of servers, we are able to start addressing other issues and building new features.

The main issue that we want to tackle first is lag/internet latency. At this time, lag is rarely caused by our server infrastructure — we have enough servers to meet global demand. By working directly with users who have contacted us by email, we have identified various upstream routing issues in Australia and Europe. In these areas, somewhere between the player’s Internet Provider and our datacenter, the connection is being lost.

Because our servers are assigned IPv4 addresses, computers with only IPv6 addressing will experience a slight delay as their computers must go through a 6to4 relay. This mostly affects LTE play (mobile play) as well as many computers in the South East Asia region. We are aware of this issue and are working to resolve.

Troubleshooting problems

This is a real-time game which requires a properly-configured home network that supports WebSockets. For many of our players, it’s the first time they have really tested their own home network. Many things can cause problems; an old router, old modem, misconfigured firewall, intermittent connection, and wireless interference can cause lag in the game. Furthermore, anti-virus, anti-malware, and ad-blocker programs may block and filter our WebSockets, which causes to lag and in some cases not work at all! We are working on a tool to help you diagnose these issues so that you can try to pinpoint what is causing your lag.

In some cases, network administrators at your business, public WiFi, or school may have blocked our website. If this happens, please ask your network administrator to unblock us!

Aside from internet latency, there is another type of lag: browser render lag. This is when your computer is struggling to keep up with the game. We recommend that you disable all add-ons, extensions, and plugins when playing You should also close all other tabs and programs to free up computer memory. We recommend that you do not play with Internet Explorer. Other browsers are much better!

To help reduce render lag, we’ve introduced an option in the top right of the game that will allow you to play in low quality graphics mode. The game will render a much simpler version of the graphics that will help your computer run faster. If your computer usually experiences lag when big snakes are around, low quality graphics mode will hopefully fix your issue!

Mobile app

We are working to optimize our mobile app as well! Some of the issues we will be addressing are 1). random lockups/freezing, 2). freezing when big snakes appear on screen, and 3). the “rate this app” popup that keeps appearing. We’re very sorry about that popup! We didn’t do that on purpose.

In addition to these bug fixes, we are also going to be adding two features to the mobile app:

  • Offline mode! Ability to play offline with AI snakes.
  • Ad-free mode! An in-app option to remove ads.

Features coming soon

  • Many new skins!
  • Joystick-style control for mobile!
  • Space bar to boost! (mouse clicks will still work, too!)

Theses are just some of the features we are working on based on feedback we have received through social media. We plan to include many other features the community has suggested in upcoming releases as well! tutorial

As a response to many questions we’ve received from the community, we made this short tutorial to explain how to access custom skins, make the game perform better, and utilize the new low quality graphics mode. on twitter, facebook, youtube & instagram

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  1. The game still lags on mobile like crazy! This needs to be addressed. I love this game but I can’t play it if the lag keeps going. I will have to stop and let everyone else know not to play because of it. I am not the only one. Look at your reviews on the App Store and almost every one of them talks about it. Please address this.

  2. Few days ago I encountered a server freeze and can see all snakes lost their movement controls and when that one particular server finally come back, all leaders in the leaderboard were dropped out of the list.

    As for the lags and high CPU/GPU issue, I also tried play it in very low resolution of 16-bit to improve a little. My network is 1Gbps and I am in South East Asia.

  3. []D [] []V[] []D Reply

    The last week I’ve been having FREEZE problems, especially when I press the boost, it just freezes and I die. Prior to this problem this never happened, the game was running smoothly and I’m always on the leaderboard. As soon as I press the boost it will freeze, everything stops.. I’m using my home PC which is only 2 months old, I know it’s not on my end, this computer is a very high end gaming computer and I’m running on 56 mps internet which is plenty, you only need about 8 mps internet to play this game smoothly. Again, I have never experienced these problems before until recently (Tuesday, June 14th) I’ve even reinstalled Google Chrome, deleted every single cookie on this computer, reinstalled the mod 3 different times, tried it without the mod with no prevail. There’s really nothing else I can do, no point in even playing anymore and this sucks because I love this game and I’m VERY good at it, every time I play I’m on the leaderboard and my highest score was 189,657 with several 60k, 70k, 80k, 90k mass snakes.

    • Same issue here, just recently it started locking up when I would boost. Tried all the “fixes” posted online but they dont help. Plays fine at work using Chrome on crappy old PC but come home and use Chrome on nice beefy gaming PC and boost freezes every time. Never used to be this way. Playing no-boost really sucks, love the game but damn…hate the freezing up.

  4. Teagan Cox Reply

    Can you guys make an Australian flag skin or a lazarbeam skin please can’t fond one so please make a lazarbeam or Australian flag skin #StrayanRights

  5. How come i can not even find on the play store? I have a galixy s5 so I shouldn’t have a problem but it is not even showing up.

  6. I’d really like to play Offline mode on Desktop PC, because the Online is laggy as hell. Alas, I can’t, because I don’t own Android phone – all I have is Samsung X620, and I doubt you’ll ever make a version for J2ME.

  7. Can it cause a virus? I have an ASUS computer. Would do anything? Cause I’m not gonna want to have ANY viruses.

    • i’ve had no issues with and trust, random ads are much more dangerous

  8. Nossa deis de que eu vi o no youtube eu logo o pesquisei no google mais quando eu joguei, tinha muito lag travava muito eu via outras pessoas jogando bem sem lag e soó eu com lag, e o meu pc não tem virús nenhum não sei porque está bugando…

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