SLITio Mod v2.0 Mod

Slither-io-Mods-Chrome-Extension-1 Mod SLITio Mod v2.0

Here we present to you the latest updated mods. This new bot has quite a few interesting features to keep you glued on. Let us take a look.
Updated features in mods


  • Use your mouse to zoom in and zoom out
  • You know your current position.
  • Track your FPS with the FPS counter
  • Track the IP of your friends’ server with your current server’s IP address.
  • Connect to your friends’ IP and play together.
  • Owning a low-end system? No worries. The plain background makes it compatible with any system.
  • Glow also lessened to support low end systems.
  • Choose your own graphic mode compatible with your system.
  • Play with friends (direct connect to the servers)
  • Saving nick and settings.
  • ESC – quick resp.
  • Selecting a Server.
  • Bugs Fixed.
  • Added more server Mods v3 Released! Mods User Script

How to install Mods?




  1. Theherobrineminecraft Reply

    me va lag el estupido juego y eso que tengo buena conexion que se nesesita?

  2. no encuentro donde dice descargar nuevo modo la concha de la madre

  3. how do you download just v.2, because v.3 is glitching out, i cannot even do a circle, it just goes in a rectangular shape… If anyone can help, then thanks :3

    ~Julie :p

  4. toybonnie five night at freddy's :D Reply

    no me aparece downland D: AYUDENMEN PLIS 😀

  5. A few good features on next update is to have these options:

    1: on server list of ip address drop down menu , have it show the ping “lag on this server and number of total users in there.
    2: on screen ping or “lag” of currently connected server your playing in.
    3: Have all info display windows movable.

  6. MaxGamer_YT Reply

    No me deja descargar los mod!! me aparece invalid scrept… que hago??

    • Tienes que tener habilitado el tamper monkey y ya le das a dounluadd nouw XD

    • Jhon Rodriguez

      Amigo es que tienes que tener el Tampermonkey

    • Anonymous

      como la pagina esta actualizada no se donde dar por que dowlound new mod no esta :v o no lo encuentro :c

    • Anonymous

      amigo pon donde dice downlaod now con naranja y listo gracias

  7. Just want to point out that the friend part of this mod does NOT work. You cannot invite your friends via servers, because it does not put you in the same server. I’ve been trying with my friends for an entire day now, and we have only gotten into the same server once. We even tried to link our servers at the same time (clicking play). Everything else works fine, though.


  9. I would love to donate, but sadly I have no money to give. :T
    But the next best thing is to Talk about it! 😀

  10. if i had money i realy would cuz its great and you are updating it. so good job.. and i have a question for you …. will u ever try to add bots?

  11. I keep getting ” Invaild script header ” At the top of the screen whenever I click download.. I really need help.. this mod SEEMS AWESOME!

    • you first have to add the extension tampermonkey or tempermonkey beta to your browser then click on the download link.

  12. Hi,

    Thank you so much for sharing your script! I really love it. One thing that I am having a problem with though is the fact that when I zoom out, it gradually zooms back in for me? I use a Mac, if that makes any difference!

  13. Can something be done about the game zooming back in, like a periodic anti zoom script part that acts as if you zoomed out a bit automaticly?

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