Solutions for Lag

Top Solutions for Lag

In the event that you have been playing since the first launch of the game then you probably remember the lag issues that we have all experienced due to the crowded servers when the game gone viral by a YouTube video. After the video the developers of the game couldn’t believe the interest to their games and they were not able to fund enough servers to meet the increasing demand.

However these lag issues ended at least the lags due to the crowded servers do not exist anymore but you may still experience lag due to some other reasons. For instance most of the players who play through the mobile platforms experience lag issues due to the unstable internet connection. The best thing that you can do to eliminate this problem is connecting to a Wi-Fi.


In this way you will have a more stable connection which will eliminate the lag issues that you are experiencing. However in the event that you are playing through your computer than the lag issue that you are experiencing is due to the slowness of your computer. You can close all of the applications running at the background while you are playing in order to eliminate the lag problems.

Do not forget to check the add-ons of your browsers if you are suffering the lag problems. Most of the add-ons slow down your browser a lot and we never remove the add-ons we don’t use anymore. These types of add-ons will be running on the background of your browser and they are able to effect the game you are playing on them.


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